Britains Got Talent…But The Judges Don’t

4 May

I’m really glad to Briatins got Talent have brought  Michael Macintyre onto the panel to help pull in some viewers. Especially as David Hasselhoff doesn’t understand what’s happening half the time and Amanda Holden can’t even move her face. Amanda has always irritated me when trying to judge a talent show but now that she has this belief that she is the new Simon Cowell, she’s become a new level of annoying. The main reasons for saying this are:

1: Her obsession with using Simon’s famous pre “yes” wink.

2: Her attempts to be harsh when the other judges have enjoyed a performance, which always fails due to her not wanting to risk the audiences booing at her.

3: Her long dramatic pauses before saying “it’s three yes’s”, which do not work because no-one cares enough about what she thinks to be worried if they’re through without her approval.

Of course it is a blessing to be rid of Piers Morgan…this goes without saying. I also wasn’t at all surprised to see that Simon Cowell had given up the game as he was definately going soft last year and he appears to lack interest in these talent shows nowadays.

I hope that they remove Amanda Holden next year and bring in someone who can provide some entertainment, like…Karl Pilkington!? HA, I would definately watch that.


Is Cheryl losing the envy factor?

1 Apr

I’ve just been reading the Daily Mail and seen that Cheryl Cole has “got her curves back”…I disagree. She doesn’t look

A previous skinny Cheryl

“curvy” at all, athough she doesn’t look quite as skeletol as before so that is good to see. Looking at photographs of Cheryl used to make me so jealous of her beautiful face and hair and her sexy body, but now when I look at her I just see a very unhappy and very fake woman. I used to ignore the fake hair, eyelashes, nails and tan because I thought it made her look so attractive. Now I think she is quite plain looking I’, starting to find her a little annoying.

I hated that she was always crying in the X Factor and acting like she cared so much about the contestants sob stories.

cheryl and mini cheryl

I think how obsessed she became with Cher Loyd really irritated me because it seamed a little self indulgent to become so giddy over a person who is basically a miniature version of yourself. Cheryl did her best with Cher’s styling to help her become a mini Cheryl aswell, which was a bit freeky. I’m so glad to see that nothing has come of Cher Loyd because if it did I think we would have another “whip my hair back and forth” popping up in the charts.

Don’t get me wrong, I still know that Cheryl Cole is very pretty, I would never deny that! And she’s incredibly photogenic but she’s ruining all her best attributes!

 I believe that tattos are ugly at the best of times, let alone when they are huge pictures sprawled across a

why scribble on something she’s worked so hard to improve?

thigh. Her legs were one of her best aspects until she got that thing. Her bum was probably her second best natural attribute, but oh no she scribbled on that too and I don’t even know what that blotch is supposed to be! She also has a tattoo on the back of her neck, her lower back and her hand, all of which are places which are becoming known as “slag tags”, meaning that very chavvy people tend to get them. I wouldn’t call them slag tags, and I’m sure she got them before they retained the negative connotations, but I still think they are very detrimental to her attractiveness.

Maybe I jsut get bored easily and I am officially bored of seeing Cheryl on the TV. She needs to start making good music, mentoring good pop stars, and stop crying, then maybe I’ll regain some respect. 

Go Ape for iPads!

1 Apr

gorillas are amazed by the ipad

I just saw a story in The Sun saying that Gorillas in a zoo in Hythe, Kent, have been given iPads, in an attmept to test their intelligence by seeing whether they have the ability to work the technology. The gorilla boffins have been amazed to discover that the apes have been able to turn the ipads on and off! However, no other developments have been reported, suggesting to me that the gorillas don’t really have a clue what these contraptions do and thank goodness for that! I would be a little scared if they had sat down and started enjoying a game of Tetris!

Some gorillas didn't quite understand

Self Reflection

31 Mar

Since creating a Twitter account, I have been excited and unsure about the ability to publish my opinion for all to see, especially as I am following some very high status individuals and celebrities.

I can see how useful a Twitter account is to people working within the communication industry. Having a Twitter account shows that I am interested in communicating with those in the industry and keeping up to date with what other high status individuals are doing.

Within two days of tweeting that I had been given Charminster as my patch, I was tweeted to by a man who works for the daily echo, telling me that he had the same patch. That quickly increased my interest in Tweeting because I could see that it was a fantastic way to create useful contacts.

I have not been blogging as often as I have been tweeting, mostly because I don’t want to write something which offends someone. I am becoming more confident about publishing my thoughts about television programmes though, as I think this is safer ground than “real” life issues. It was exciting when I recently received a positive comment from someone agreeing with a point I made about the programme “Katie:My Beautiful Face”.

I think I will be likely to blog more over the summer when I am travelling and taking on new exciting experiences which I feel people might be interested in reading about. This has made me feel more confident about my writing and has encouraged me to write more similar posts.

I attempted to use Twitter to interview some important figures when we had the investigative report assignment, but I did not receive a reply from any of these, whereas emailing people got a really strong response. So from my experience I still don’t believe that Tweeting is the best way to get a specific answer from a particular person. I did, however, find it extremely useful to look through other journalists blogs and see if they might be worth emailing so I can definitely see why journalists keep an up to date blog.

Jamie’s dream school…except for the students

31 Mar

I have really enjoyed watching Jamie’s Dream School on channel 4. The programme has been running on Wednesday nights for the past 5 weeks and every week it provides me with new amusement. The pupils may be incredibly irritating to watch, and seeing the teachers stuggle does make me a little angry that these people are getting given opportunities they don’t seam to appreciate, but the entertainment is undeniable. The pupils are all post secondary school but have very few, if any GCSE’s, and Jamie is aiming to get them interested in education and ultimately create a better life for them. His Dream school has been named as such, due to his faculty of individuals you would think to be unattainable, from Rolph Harris to Cherie Blair.  

Jamie Oliver teaches catering, which is bound to be successful, not only because it is a subject they can actively participate in, but because the pupils were obviously aware they would be part of a school run by Jamie, so must have some interest in him!

Robert Winston teaches science and does an incredibly good job at it! I am not very interested in science but I would love to join in his lessons. He has eased the pupils into more and more participatory tasks, the first being to disect a frog, the second being to disect a pig (in which some girls had to dramatically run out because they were “going to be sick”), and more recently he asked male pupils to produce sperm samples for their lesson in reproduction. Not only does this get the pupils involved but you can see how chuffed the lads are when Robert starts telling them that they have created enough sperm to fertilise every woman in Britain. As soon as their given a compliment like this, they will take an interest in the next thing that the teacher has to say.

alastair campbell on why politics matters, it didn’t take long for a debate to begin, although perhaps not the type he was after.

Daley Thompson takes them for P.E. which seams to be the most popular subject, possibly because it allows the pupils to get out some of their pent up anger?

Mary Beard tries to teach the pupils Latin, which I can understand their uninterest in, she attempted to make them see the relavence that Latin has to their lives by translating the tatoos on David Beckham’s arms. Call my ignorant, but this use would still not convince me that it is a worthwhile subject, as I honestly don’t care what David Beckham has written on his arms.

Rolph harris’s art classes have been shown a few times in the programme, probably because he is more natural infront of a camera, than the other teachers, and also because he has been getting a very positive response from the pupils. This isn’t surprising, art is a subject that a large number of people can enjoy because it allows you to express yourself and it’s hard to say who is “good” or “bad” at it, because it is so subjective. Most of these pupils seem to need a way of expressing themselves without becoming aggressive, and they clearly do not take criticism very well!

David Starkey is quite hilarious to watch when he tries to teach the pupils history. It was made very clear in the first episode that he has very few communication skills, making him totally ineffective at teaching the pupils. However, he managed, with the help of Jamie and the head teacher, to improve the pupils’ opinion of him by giving them a few compliments…Noticing any themes yet?

I assumed the students would  love Cherie Blair’s lesson on “Human Rights” due to their obsession with people “respecting” them. Indeed, they did enjoy her lesson, they loved getting a chance to talk about their rights and their personal experiences at not being given their rights. The students all seem to believe that the world is against them and they have been held back by others, as opposed to themself.

After a shakey start and having to speak to each pupil individually, Andrew Motion does a surprisingly good job at teaching the students poetry. I say it’s surprising because of his very calm and slow way of speaking, which would even make me lose patience, let alone one of these students!

Simon Callow also gets off to a shakey start in his attempts to teach theatre. But when he gets the boys on in the round house and onto the stage to perform a fight scene in Romeo and Juliet, some real talent is shown and Simon finally sees his hard work paying off.

Jazzie B teaches the students about music and automatically gains their attention due to his ability to speak to them in their “language”, which is similar to that of Ali G. He also bring break dancers into the lessons, making the lessons seam “cool”.

Alvin Hall has the prolifically difficult task of teaching Maths. He does this by basing almost all of their lessons on how to get rich. This is the most affective way he could have chosen to teach the subject because they all seam to want to be as rich as their role models…the almighty rappers.

The students appear to have picked up their values from the rappers who constantly rap about “respect” and I think their parents must have allowed their belief that they deserve respect, even when they don’t give it out themselves.

I know all the students aren’t the same and I’m speaking in quite a derogatory tone but I don’t think I’m alone in my opinion. The students are holding themselves back with their agressive and defensive attitudes but are continuously blaming people around them. They all seem to be becoming better behaved as the weeks go on- although this is probably due to the editors making Jamie look like a miracle worker- and I am really enjoying watching if and how the efforts prevail. Good luck to Jamie and the teachers, I think they deserve an award for their hard work and patience!

Mission accomplished?

31 Mar

I’ve come to the end of term, with only a dissertation and a presentation left to do after Easter. And so I am forced to consider what is next.

At the beginning of the year I started the unit “News and Journalism” and I wrote on this blog saying that I hoped to build an interest in becoming a professional journalist. It amazes me to write, I have not been dissapointed!

The more I practice journalism, the more I realise it is an almost perfect occupation for me. There is nothing worse, in my eyes, than a job which revolves around the same scenery, the same people, and the same slow processes every day. I know that if I were to become a journalist I would have that ability to meet new people and learn new things, develop new relationships, and create new pieces of work every day, several times a day. 

But isn’t that daunting?!

I think the reason why I have avoided the idea of becoming a journalist all these years, is because all the positive aspects, are also the scariest aspects. I already feel so proud of what I have achieved at university so perhaps once I have completed my dissertation I will feel more self assured that I am capable of this profession.


living life to tweet it

29 Mar

Growing up in the 21st century, you know that you need to use social media in order to get the most from your social life. Social media keeps you in the loop. 

Whilst my friends and I have been at seperate universities, living very seperate lives, we have been able to keep in touch very frequently but with very little effort. It has been so useful to be able to email all my closest friends at once and keep a stream of conversation going, even when we are incredibly busy with our work. 

There are a lot of ways that a student can be hindered by not using social media. Doing a Communication based subject means I have to do a large amount of group work and Facebook has been of the utmost importance for these times. Facebook has allowed me to contact other people on my course quickly and I have often created private groups on Facebook and invited those involved in the group projects to allow us to post ideas, links, documents, pictures etc, as we find them.

In a way, though, social media almost allows you to work as a group, without meeting as a group. It makes it easier to work seperately and put your ideas together through the use of the internet, rather than working together the whole time. This could be seen as a negative but I still think it has been fantastic…perhaps because I hate group work! 

Recently I have opened a Twitter account, in an attempt to keep up with the news as it happens. I’ve been amazed to see how often some people tweet! I know it is much easier for an iphone owner, to tweet, than it is for someone who relies on their computer, but I wonder whether some people do things just so that they can tweet about it?

My housemate made me laugh, she locked herself out of the house in the middle of the night and the first thing she did, was update her status, “I’m locked out the house and everyone’s asleep!” It amazed me that she was stuck on a scary road where several drug dealers and muggers live and the first thing she wanted to do with her phone, was let the world know what had happened, rather than ring someone in the house.

Any time something like that happens it just reminds me of the film Wall-E and makes me wonder how long it’ll be until we do float around staring at a computer screen, living our life through the internet! I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see things get that bad, but I can definately see myself nagging at my future children to take their eyes off their damn computer!