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Q & A: Rachel Hardy

18 Feb


I interviewed fellow 2nd year student, Rachel Hardy, who is studying Communication and Media BA (Hons) degree at Bournemouth. I limited her to 140 characters per answer. Rachel is 25 and dreading her 26th next week!

Q: What’s been your favourite night out in bournemouth?

A: Probably our first night out with when we went out in white T-shirts. I don’t go out in Bournemouth much though because I live in Poole and usually go out there with my work friends. (The photo to the right shows another night out with fellow baccomers).

Q: What’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

A: Rose wine or lager. It used to be vodka and coke or vodka and lemonade but I’ve change now. You can’t have a curry without a beer.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment?

A: I’ve rung my friend’s home number instead of their mobile and asked their mum why they weren’t in the club then found out the next day.

Q: What’s your favourite food and why?

A: Sweets, chocolate and cakes, especially cupcakes at the moment. Tesco finest do an amazing chocolate muffin with chocolate sauce inside, it’s delicious.

Q: If you could be any cosmetic what would you be?

A: Mascara because it lengthens your lashes so every can see your eyes better, the widows to your soul. It would have to be a black colossal maybelline mascara cause they make your lashes huge.

Q: What did you give up for lent?

A: I havn’t given anything up for lent because I gave up chocolate for lent a couple of years ago and I managed to but it was hard. I tried again last year but gave up after about a week because all my friends gave up too. I haven’t bothered again this year because I decided it’s too hard to give up chocolate and it would be too easy to give up cause I don’t eat many sweets and alcohol I could take or leave.

Q: If you could com back as any animal what animal would you be?

A: A dolphin because they can swim around and theyr’re quite clever. I don’t like fish but I could eat them if I was a dolphin. I don’t like scales either and they don’t have scales.

Q: What’s the one thing you have to do before you die?

A: I’d like to sky dive. I wouldn’t want to bungee jump but I’d like to sky dive. I’d have to build up the confidence first though.


Analysis of Max Clifford’s site

13 Feb

After checking out Max Clifford‘s website, I have been left very impressed by his work but I feel the website could be far more exciting.

Whilst at a first glance the site is simple, clear and reasonably sticky, it has some slightly frustrating down sides. The following list gives the positives and negatives:

Searchability: On typing “Max Clifford” into google search, I was presented with many links with news on Mr Clifford’s work. His official website came up second on the lsit, making  it reasonably easy to find.

Usability: There is not too much writing drowning the screen, making it easy to see where the tabs are and where the information is. I found it quite frustrating when looing at the staff and clients, their names and their photos are put seperately and not in order, making it hard to know who is called what.

Navigation: The tabs along the top of the screen are clearly labelled and the right hand navigation is also clear. The home page is quite bare with tabs along the top and two of these tabs repeated in larger form in the middle of the page. This makes it reasonably simple to get started and find what you are looking for straight away.

Design: The colour theme of black, white and blue looks smart and clear is appropriate for the subject. There are lots of photos of celebrities who viewers will be familiar with. The bland home page is not very exciting and a little too simplistic. The links provided by the home page are the same as the links available from the tabs along the top so they seem to just be there to fill space.

Content: There are no news blogs what so ever, which seems strange for the line of work that Max Clifford is in. The photos all appear to be quite old and there is a photo of Kerry Catona, who he does not work with any more.

UGC: On the home page there is an image of a news paper which is the first thing to catch the reader’s eye. This moving image acts as a link to send Max stories that he may publish.

Timeline of social networking sites

11 Feb

Social networking sites have become incredibly popular in the last few years and there are hundreds of different ones that have been created since the early 90’s. Here is a timeline of just a few of these:

1995 was created as a social media site for one of the first ever online communities.


Tripod was created and became the eighth largest networking site in 1998 but eventually had to shut down because it was not profitable. was one of the first social networking sites which allowed people to discover links with one another through email addresses. This site was specifically made to allow people to find old class mates.

1997 continued the ability for people to find people with less direct links. This was the first social networking site to include friends lists, messaging and personalised profiles. This allowed people to find out similarities with others through looking at their profiles. This site had to be shut down as it was not profitable.


Friendster was an incredibly popular networking site and now has approximately 90,000,000 members



Myspace became a quickly growing network site. It now has over 130,000,000 members and is the number one social networking site in Australia, USA and Italy.

Bebo was also immensly popular. It now has over 40,000,000 members


Orkut became he number one social networking site for India and Brazil

Facebook became more popular and faster growing than any predecessor. This was the first site to allow externally created applications and allowed users to create their own social networking groups. It now has 350,000,000 members and is the number one networking site in the UK, Canada and New Zealand.


YouTube was created as a site which allowed people to uploads and share their personal videos. It has now been ranked as the fourth most visited site on the web, after Google, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Yahoo 360 was created as a business internet strategy. There are 1,500,000 members to this site.


Google Buzz has been created in an attempt to over take Facebook. This site has intergrated the components of Picasa, Flikr, You Tube, Blogger and Twitter in an attempt to be the most desirable social networking tool.