Timeline of social networking sites

11 Feb

Social networking sites have become incredibly popular in the last few years and there are hundreds of different ones that have been created since the early 90’s. Here is a timeline of just a few of these:


Theglobe.com was created as a social media site for one of the first ever online communities.


Tripod was created and became the eighth largest networking site in 1998 but eventually had to shut down because it was not profitable.

Classmates.com was one of the first social networking sites which allowed people to discover links with one another through email addresses. This site was specifically made to allow people to find old class mates.


Sixdegrees.com continued the ability for people to find people with less direct links. This was the first social networking site to include friends lists, messaging and personalised profiles. This allowed people to find out similarities with others through looking at their profiles. This site had to be shut down as it was not profitable.


Friendster was an incredibly popular networking site and now has approximately 90,000,000 members



Myspace became a quickly growing network site. It now has over 130,000,000 members and is the number one social networking site in Australia, USA and Italy.

Bebo was also immensly popular. It now has over 40,000,000 members


Orkut became he number one social networking site for India and Brazil

Facebook became more popular and faster growing than any predecessor. This was the first site to allow externally created applications and allowed users to create their own social networking groups. It now has 350,000,000 members and is the number one networking site in the UK, Canada and New Zealand.


YouTube was created as a site which allowed people to uploads and share their personal videos. It has now been ranked as the fourth most visited site on the web, after Google, Yahoo! and Facebook.

Yahoo 360 was created as a business internet strategy. There are 1,500,000 members to this site.


Google Buzz has been created in an attempt to over take Facebook. This site has intergrated the components of Picasa, Flikr, You Tube, Blogger and Twitter in an attempt to be the most desirable social networking tool.


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