Analysis of Max Clifford’s site

13 Feb

After checking out Max Clifford‘s website, I have been left very impressed by his work but I feel the website could be far more exciting.

Whilst at a first glance the site is simple, clear and reasonably sticky, it has some slightly frustrating down sides. The following list gives the positives and negatives:

Searchability: On typing “Max Clifford” into google search, I was presented with many links with news on Mr Clifford’s work. His official website came up second on the lsit, making  it reasonably easy to find.

Usability: There is not too much writing drowning the screen, making it easy to see where the tabs are and where the information is. I found it quite frustrating when looing at the staff and clients, their names and their photos are put seperately and not in order, making it hard to know who is called what.

Navigation: The tabs along the top of the screen are clearly labelled and the right hand navigation is also clear. The home page is quite bare with tabs along the top and two of these tabs repeated in larger form in the middle of the page. This makes it reasonably simple to get started and find what you are looking for straight away.

Design: The colour theme of black, white and blue looks smart and clear is appropriate for the subject. There are lots of photos of celebrities who viewers will be familiar with. The bland home page is not very exciting and a little too simplistic. The links provided by the home page are the same as the links available from the tabs along the top so they seem to just be there to fill space.

Content: There are no news blogs what so ever, which seems strange for the line of work that Max Clifford is in. The photos all appear to be quite old and there is a photo of Kerry Catona, who he does not work with any more.

UGC: On the home page there is an image of a news paper which is the first thing to catch the reader’s eye. This moving image acts as a link to send Max stories that he may publish.


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