short story

5 Apr

“So then I text him telling him it’s over. Then he text me saying I had to give back everything he ever bought me, so then I text him saying I didn’t want any of his stuff anyway!” Macy concluded sounding extremely proud. It was a typical Sunday afternoon at the nail spa, catching up on the gossip from the weekend. Lindsey was a little bored of the subject but luckily was very skilled at acting interested in Macy’s dramatic romantic dilemmas. Macy was an extremely attractive, dark skinned girl, with shiny black locks and striking, huge green eyes. Lindsey was equally beautiful, with a lighter complexion, thick blonde hair and bright blue eyes to match. Whilst Macy appeared distraught by the loss of her boyfriend of five and a half days, both girls were aware of what she was more concerned about.

        Lindsey skipped to the point, “Are you going to give him his stuff back?”

       “Well I suppose I should…” Macy grimaced with a questioning tone that Lindsey was more than familiar with.

       Lindsey briskly offered the response necessary to sum up the conversation “Yeah but you didn’t make him buy you things. It’s his own fault really. Don’t give him anything back”.

       Macy appeared more than happy with this judgment and abruptly changed the subject to something more exciting. “So I was thinking I need to find some turquoise shoes to go with my new dress”.

       Lindsey had missed her opportunity to swing the conversation in her interest but took a chance all the same. “Yeah, defo! Steve likes turquoise…oh did I tell you about Steve? I met a guy…he’s called Steve” Steve was all Lindsey could think about today, she had met him on Friday night at a big club opening in London. The sexy, sophisticated and unbelievably handsome man had approached her and offered her a drink and they spent the rest of the evening engrossed in flirtatious conversation.

       Lindsey always had exciting things happen to her no matter where she was, including meeting extraordinary men, which was why each relationship never lasted for more than a couple of weeks. Steve met Lindsey’s very specific taste to a tee; he was tall, dark and handsome with a wonderful smile and piercing blue eyes. He was a perfect gentleman all evening, buying her drinks and paying her compliments. At the end of the night he told her he was going to take her out Sunday night but he maintained that where he was taking her was a secret.

        Lindsey was so excited about getting home from the spa to choose an outfit. Her wardrobe held outfits for every possible occasion and she suited every item as though it were made especially for her. It was an icy evening but Lindsey never felt the cold and took full advantage of this by always wearing skimpy outfits. She eventually opted for a long, silk, pink dress with a slit in the side to ensure her smooth legs might be noticed. Then she had to make the most important decision of all. Choosing from her huge selection of strappy heels, pumps, stilettos and boots was very time consuming but after much deliberation, she slipped her miniscule feet into some pink stilettos which she had bought with the dress.

       The doorbell sounded and Lindsey hopped over to the window. She was surprised to see Steve as he was 15 minutes early, she hadn’t done her hair or makeup but she looked flawless anyway. As the two walked to his shiny, black sports car, Lindsey noted his impeccable dress sense; he was wearing a smart tux which looked particularly good on his fit stature and his hair was perfectly slicked back without a strand out of place. Steve took Lindsey to a posh restaurant in Mayfair where they enjoyed a very romantic dinner. 

       The next morning, Lindsey woke up still giddy from the night out with her dream man and decided to continue her delight by going shopping. On her way to the shopping centre she noticed Macy walking in the opposite direction, wearing the most hideous silver and gold sequined ballet dress and she was hand in hand with a man in a smart tux. Macy had some pretty extreme fashion sense but this was stranger than ever, Lindsey thought as she waved over to the couple. It wasn’t until she was too close to turn back, that she noticed that the man in the tux, was Steve!

       “Steve! What are you doing with Macy? And still in your clothes from last night?” Lindsey cried out in shock.

      “Excuse me? I’m Robert now” he said, smiling innocently.

      Lindsey was mortified “Shut up, that’s Steve, I’m going out with him!” she protested.  

       Macy laughed “Not any more, he’s mine now, you can find a different one” she jeered and jumped up and down looking smug. Lindsey was so mad she jumped over and hit Macy to the floor. Macy leapt straight back up and flew back at Lindsey in retaliation. Lindsey jumped high in the air to avoid her and when she returned to the ground the two stood smiling at one another.

     “And what is that horrible dress?” Lindsey shouted in disgust

      Macy looked Lindsey up and down “Well at least I remembered to put shoes on!”

Lindsey looked at her bare feet and before she had a chance to react she collapsed to the ground in front of them. Macy and Steve looked at Lindsey lying still and rigid on the floor. They fell to the floor by her side.

     “Girls don’t argue” Lucy’s mum shouted at her and her sister, as she stepped over the dolls to stop their brawl.

     “But mum, she moved my Barbies around when I was playing with them” Lucy whimpered as she picked up her dolls.

     Their mum sighed and tidied away the doll accessorise that were sprawled over the floor “When will you girls learn to share?”



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