Some original top tips for new students:

5 Apr

Buy extra pint glasses: living in halls, not only are you going to need many large glasses for everyone who comes around to party, but you’ll need many replacements for those that are smashed, stolen and used as ash trays. Plus, it’s always a good idea to keep a separate glass for that first gulp of water in the morning…if I had a pound for every time that water was actually vodka I wouldn’t need a degree.

Keep the ear plugs and eye mask from your next plane journey: The ear plugs are fairly self-explanatory, when living with a house/hall full of inebriated people (boys), they are an essential in order to get any sleep what so ever. The eye mask is another essential, as often the sleep that you are so badly needing to catch up on, will be during day time hours. And yes it does need to be from a plain journey, as buying an eye mask that actually keeps the light out involves spending a small fortune.

Brand your DVDs: It sounds pathetic and untrusting, but once you’re a student, these are two personality traits that will serve you well. Good DVDs become gold dust in student accommodation, as one hang over day can take up to 5 films in one day. After living on a corridor of 16 people, all sharing DVDs between them, by the end of the year everyone on the floor was complaining about lost/stolen DVDs that someone was claiming was theirs. Branding your DVDs quickly solves any arguments over whether DVDs are yours or not.

Put a password on your laptop: The funniest thing in a boy’s world is to go on your computer when you’re not around, and change your laptop wallpaper…enough said.


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