Speedy Journalism

4 Feb

I had my second News and Journalism class today and discovered that the “patch” I will be working this semester, will be Charminster. This means I’ll be analysing everything that’s happening there for the next four days in order to find story eligible of being published in the Daily Echo. That means interviewing the people involved in order to provide a decent amount of insight for the readers…tricky stuff!

Before we can start that though, we were given an hour to roam the Uni campus to find out how the new semesterisation of courses have been working. We were able to work in pairs so I grabbed my good friend Sarah and we headed straight to the place where we felt students would be most chatty, the food court.

Late morning appeared to be a good time to be sent out to talk to students, as almost every table had at least one person sat eating, but there wasn’t the large hustle and bustle of people buying food and going to classes that there often is at lunch time. 

First we approached two very friendly looking girls, who we discovered we studying Advertising and PR, which gave us something in common and appeared to increase their interest in speaking to us.  After speeking to the girls we chose to speek to a group of guys who told us they were studying Journalism. They gave a very similar opinion to the two girls which Sarah and I felt could be due to their similarity in courses.

In an aim to find a more diverse range of opinions, we went to the library to speek to students studying different courses. Unfortunately, the people in there were far less interested in speeking to us than those in the food court. Rather than badgering more people who were trying to work, we went to “The Base” for some more informed answers. The guys in there were really friendly and keen to help with our queries which made a positive end to the hour.

After seeing journalists on television shouting at celebs and government officials, I always expect to be viewed as a nuisance when I approach people saying “would you mind answering a couple of questions?”. This doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to fellow Media Students at Bournemouth as they’re sympathetic to our situation. I will try not to get my hopes up imagining that that’ll be the case when I do my Patch reporting, but I hope that it is!


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