Charminster Charmers

8 Feb

In the most romantic week of the year, Charminster locals are adamant that the Romance in Charminster is thriving. This information comes after the 2008 issue of Dorset Echo argued that the lack of interest in a local Valentine’s Day dinner meant that “Romance in Charminster is Dead”.

Although the town offers a plethora of bars and restaurants, several of which offering special Valentine’s Day deals, the locals prefer to venture away from their home town to their partners to more romantic locations.

Sarah, the local florist of “Flowers at 166” was shocked at the notion that charminster men were seen as unromantic, “if anything, because the men are in this area are often foreign they are far more romantic than any Englishman”

The shop is full to burst with red roses, heart shaped balloons, teddy bears and heart shaped chocolate boxes which Sarah was sure would be sold in a matter of days.

“The locals who come in here seam perfectly at home and they’re always keen to be extra extravagant for special occasions…this weekend will be manic”.

This view was shared by the Turkish owner of “Havana’s café”, who declared that the most important thing in his life, is his wife.  “My wife is from Essex but she’s not a typical Essex girl”, he chuckled, “We won’t be going out on Valentine’s Day but that’s because Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be any different to every other day”


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