turtles don’t always win the race

18 Feb

In News and Journalism this week, we had our in class timed assessment, in which we were provided with the details of a story and asked to write a report in less than an hour. I had been reading newspapers and taking tips from text books all week. I was feeling calm and collected and looking forward to practicing writing in the same way that journalists do under real work conditions.

After quickly reading through the information I slowly began writing down the key aspect of the report that I wanted to include…I was off to a bad start. I wrote my lead fairly quickly as I knew that would be the most important part of the report.

After about 30 minutes of creating an inverted pyramid of the information that I was quite happy with, a piece of information suddenly jumped out at me that I’d managed to overlook as a key candidate for the lead!

 I then found myself in a desperate scramble to re-order the report to allow for this information to be presented first. My brain was working ten times faster than my fingers could move and I was realising I had gone about this all wrong.

Once the time was up though I did feel like I’d created something to be proud of and I was so glad to have noticed the information when I did.

 I’ve learned now that a journalist can’t be slow and methodical except perhaps when they’re reading the information. Journalists have to work very quickly in order to reach deadlines but they can NEVER miss important information. Big lesson- Take your time reading information but don’t be too laid back when it comes to writing the story.


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