Hold on there Heston

26 Feb

I think James Walton has summed up Heston’s “Mission Impossible” show, very well in his Guardian report. Heston has tried and failed, to come across as the sick child’s hero with his show that argues children would rather eat sick soup and snot shakes, to pizza, chips and spaghetti.

Normally I love watching Heston’s crazy culinary skills and I thoroughly enjoyed channel 4’s  “Heston’s Feast” , in which he’d treat a table of celebrities to some weird and wonderful dishes which followed a theme e.g. an actual gengerbread house made from children’s treats to follow a nursery rhyme theme.

However, this show was a step too far, as Heston tried to pretend that his style of cooking was more appropriate than the traditional style when it comes to getting children to eat in a hospital.

I’m not a fussy eater and I would love to try almost everything that Heston creates, however if I was sick in hospital and someone served me a smoothie that had the look and consistency of snot, next to a bowl of soup created to look like something that I’d just heaved up, I would probably lose my appetite.

The framing of the staff at the Alder Hey hospital was also very dramatic and un-called for. They made the cooks look like…idiots, and Heston implied that they had been purposefully giving the children disgusting food when he pointed out that they didn’t want to face the patients they had been catering for.

Not all cooks have an endless budget to spend on any ridiculous food they fancy, or get to boss around other chefs and revel in the praise their customers give them, Heston. Some cooks have to work their hardest to serve hundreds of people while keeping to all the rules and regulations of the NHS.

There’s no way that Heston’s ideas will be carried out in hospitals and I don’t have high hopes for next week’s installment either. Heston is trying to replace the popcorn in cinemas…stupid.

Heston, you stay at the Fat Duck doing your thing in your appropriate setting and stop trying to change the world one tomato eye ball at a time. We like our traditions, that’s why they’re traditions!


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