He’s at it again

4 Mar

After being so disappointed with the first, I should have avoided watching the second episode of Heston’s Mission Impossible on Tuesday night, but intrigue got the better of me. Alas I was not surprised to find he was back to his old tricks, trying to force unrealistic changes onto a company who’s main priority is not the food it sells. Heston used all his tried and tested techniques to make management of Cineworld come across as being evil, mostly because they are profit driven. Of course, Heston would never sell the food he makes at high prices, no, I’m sure all the food at his restaraunt is cheap as hell, and I’m sure he hasn’t been getting paid an absolute mint for making these programmes either…hypocrite.

 I totally agree that Cineworld food is a total rip off and the profits they make on popcorn is a sign that they do mark up prices far more than the need to but Heston’s techniques to battle that were all wrong. Not only did Heston conjure up far too many different variations of snack that would confuse the staff and customers, but he was creating things that only he knew how to make, such as hot dogs made with ketchup and mustard inside with an edible napkin.

It also made me angry to see him patronising the staff just like he had in alder hay, simply because they couldn’t remember all the flavours he had created, or produce the snacks quickly enough when customers asked for them. If he seriously wanted his inventions to work in the cinemas, he would need to have a lot more patience and the ability to train up the staff to sell his silly ideas.

He was ranting on about calories in popcorn too which wound me up. People don’t go to the cinema for a nutritious meal, they go to enjoy a film and pig out on junk food. Rather than spraying fish stink all over the cinema to help “improve customers’ experience of films”, high sugar levels in food can release endorphins in the audience, giving them a more pleasurable experience.

Also, why did he keep going on about bringing the magic back to cinemas? Cinemas used to be an “exciting and magical experience” because they were new and people didn’t understand how they worked, but now they’re old and we know how they work, no amount of curry flavoured popcorn is going to solve that. I will admit I really liked the idea of candy floss in the cinema…but banana flavour?! He had to go and ruin it.

The cineworld manager said he might continue the special hotdogs and the popcorn icecream, but I doubt either will work as they would still have to cater to people who don’t like ketchup and mustard in their hotdogs, and they already have ben and jerrys ice cream which offers a wider range of more interesting flavours.

Sorry Heston, I believe that was another epic fail, but keep trying cause it’s all good promotion for your restaraunt and that’s all that matters ay?


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