Patch Report

26 Mar

Road Works create business for Charminster Trader

One local florist has seen the benefits of traffic caused by road works at one of the Charminster’s busiest junctions.

Sarah Patient, owner of Flowers at 166, is surprised by the increased interest in flowers since road works on Charminster High Street began in January, after being delayed to avoid hindering traders over Christmas.

“Sales are up 30% which is quite incredible…it’s all because people who would normally be rushing home from work, have had time to think about popping in,” Sarah said.

After opening the independent shop only two years ago, Sarah, 43, has seen business bloom, “my friends all said I was crazy opening a shop when the economy was so bad but I’ve had no trouble, I think it’s all about staying positive in times like these.”

The road works at the junction of Charminster High Street, Alma Road and Richmond Park Road aim to make roads safer by resurfacing roads and replacing pedestrian crossings.

Steve Streader, the site representative said there have been mixed views about the work, “It has caused some upheaval because of the proximity to peoples’ homes and businesses, some residents have had to vacate their driveways for a day or two, but they’ve been very understanding.”

Motorists have been diverted around the works via King’s Road and Heron Court Road. Sam Hall, a Charminster resident and Bournemouth University student said, “I’ve been late for lectures because uni buses have got caught up in the traffic.”

Martin Quinn, estate agent at Quinn and Co, works in an office facing the road works, “The constant noise of the drills makes it so hard concentrate, it’s a real nuisance.”

Mr Streader is aware that some traders may have been affected, “Companies can apply for a reduction of rates if they show a loss of trade in the 17 weeks of the road works.” 

“The good news is, we are over half way through and on track to finish by the beginning of May,” Mr Streader said.


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