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Is Cheryl losing the envy factor?

1 Apr

I’ve just been reading the Daily Mail and seen that Cheryl Cole has “got her curves back”…I disagree. She doesn’t look

A previous skinny Cheryl

“curvy” at all, athough she doesn’t look quite as skeletol as before so that is good to see. Looking at photographs of Cheryl used to make me so jealous of her beautiful face and hair and her sexy body, but now when I look at her I just see a very unhappy and very fake woman. I used to ignore the fake hair, eyelashes, nails and tan because I thought it made her look so attractive. Now I think she is quite plain looking I’, starting to find her a little annoying.

I hated that she was always crying in the X Factor and acting like she cared so much about the contestants sob stories.

cheryl and mini cheryl

I think how obsessed she became with Cher Loyd really irritated me because it seamed a little self indulgent to become so giddy over a person who is basically a miniature version of yourself. Cheryl did her best with Cher’s styling to help her become a mini Cheryl aswell, which was a bit freeky. I’m so glad to see that nothing has come of Cher Loyd because if it did I think we would have another “whip my hair back and forth” popping up in the charts.

Don’t get me wrong, I still know that Cheryl Cole is very pretty, I would never deny that! And she’s incredibly photogenic but she’s ruining all her best attributes!

 I believe that tattos are ugly at the best of times, let alone when they are huge pictures sprawled across a

why scribble on something she’s worked so hard to improve?

thigh. Her legs were one of her best aspects until she got that thing. Her bum was probably her second best natural attribute, but oh no she scribbled on that too and I don’t even know what that blotch is supposed to be! She also has a tattoo on the back of her neck, her lower back and her hand, all of which are places which are becoming known as “slag tags”, meaning that very chavvy people tend to get them. I wouldn’t call them slag tags, and I’m sure she got them before they retained the negative connotations, but I still think they are very detrimental to her attractiveness.

Maybe I jsut get bored easily and I am officially bored of seeing Cheryl on the TV. She needs to start making good music, mentoring good pop stars, and stop crying, then maybe I’ll regain some respect. 

Go Ape for iPads!

1 Apr

gorillas are amazed by the ipad

I just saw a story in The Sun saying that Gorillas in a zoo in Hythe, Kent, have been given iPads, in an attmept to test their intelligence by seeing whether they have the ability to work the technology. The gorilla boffins have been amazed to discover that the apes have been able to turn the ipads on and off! However, no other developments have been reported, suggesting to me that the gorillas don’t really have a clue what these contraptions do and thank goodness for that! I would be a little scared if they had sat down and started enjoying a game of Tetris!

Some gorillas didn't quite understand