Britains Got Talent…But The Judges Don’t

4 May

I’m really glad to Briatins got Talent have brought  Michael Macintyre onto the panel to help pull in some viewers. Especially as David Hasselhoff doesn’t understand what’s happening half the time and Amanda Holden can’t even move her face. Amanda has always irritated me when trying to judge a talent show but now that she has this belief that she is the new Simon Cowell, she’s become a new level of annoying. The main reasons for saying this are:

1: Her obsession with using Simon’s famous pre “yes” wink.

2: Her attempts to be harsh when the other judges have enjoyed a performance, which always fails due to her not wanting to risk the audiences booing at her.

3: Her long dramatic pauses before saying “it’s three yes’s”, which do not work because no-one cares enough about what she thinks to be worried if they’re through without her approval.

Of course it is a blessing to be rid of Piers Morgan…this goes without saying. I also wasn’t at all surprised to see that Simon Cowell had given up the game as he was definately going soft last year and he appears to lack interest in these talent shows nowadays.

I hope that they remove Amanda Holden next year and bring in someone who can provide some entertainment, like…Karl Pilkington!? HA, I would definately watch that.


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