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living life to tweet it

29 Mar

Growing up in the 21st century, you know that you need to use social media in order to get the most from your social life. Social media keeps you in the loop. 

Whilst my friends and I have been at seperate universities, living very seperate lives, we have been able to keep in touch very frequently but with very little effort. It has been so useful to be able to email all my closest friends at once and keep a stream of conversation going, even when we are incredibly busy with our work. 

There are a lot of ways that a student can be hindered by not using social media. Doing a Communication based subject means I have to do a large amount of group work and Facebook has been of the utmost importance for these times. Facebook has allowed me to contact other people on my course quickly and I have often created private groups on Facebook and invited those involved in the group projects to allow us to post ideas, links, documents, pictures etc, as we find them.

In a way, though, social media almost allows you to work as a group, without meeting as a group. It makes it easier to work seperately and put your ideas together through the use of the internet, rather than working together the whole time. This could be seen as a negative but I still think it has been fantastic…perhaps because I hate group work! 

Recently I have opened a Twitter account, in an attempt to keep up with the news as it happens. I’ve been amazed to see how often some people tweet! I know it is much easier for an iphone owner, to tweet, than it is for someone who relies on their computer, but I wonder whether some people do things just so that they can tweet about it?

My housemate made me laugh, she locked herself out of the house in the middle of the night and the first thing she did, was update her status, “I’m locked out the house and everyone’s asleep!” It amazed me that she was stuck on a scary road where several drug dealers and muggers live and the first thing she wanted to do with her phone, was let the world know what had happened, rather than ring someone in the house.

Any time something like that happens it just reminds me of the film Wall-E and makes me wonder how long it’ll be until we do float around staring at a computer screen, living our life through the internet! I don’t think I’ll live long enough to see things get that bad, but I can definately see myself nagging at my future children to take their eyes off their damn computer!


Journalism ay?

29 Jan

From the minute I chose to study Communication and Media at Bournemouth Uni,  I knew I wanted to grow up to become a journalist…I wish!

The truth is,  I envy people who can say they genuinely know what they want to do when they’re older.  The reason I actually chose this course,  is because it offers a such a vast range of units, and therefore, gives me access to a range of careers. 

The perks of being a journalist, I think, are fairly obvious. A journalist doesn’t wake up in the morning knowing exactly what stories they’ll be reporting, who they’re going to meet, or where they’re going to go. Journalism involves constantly working under tight deadlines, to update the public on events as they arise.  Journalists get to meet new people, go to new places, and discover new information before anyone else! Unfortunately,  right now,  that excitement sounds a bit too daunting for me to get my head around.  

I am,  however,  feeling pretty excited about studying News and Journalism in my final term of University.  I hope that it will improve my confidence in my own ability to write (something that other people will actually want to read!),  and I look forward to learning more about the in’s and out’s of how journalists work.

I am also quietly confident that the job of a journalist will begin to appeal to me (so no pressure on Chindu there!).

I’ll let you know how it goes!