Mission accomplished?

31 Mar

I’ve come to the end of term, with only a dissertation and a presentation left to do after Easter. And so I am forced to consider what is next.

At the beginning of the year I started the unit “News and Journalism” and I wrote on this blog saying that I hoped to build an interest in becoming a professional journalist. It amazes me to write, I have not been dissapointed!

The more I practice journalism, the more I realise it is an almost perfect occupation for me. There is nothing worse, in my eyes, than a job which revolves around the same scenery, the same people, and the same slow processes every day. I know that if I were to become a journalist I would have that ability to meet new people and learn new things, develop new relationships, and create new pieces of work every day, several times a day. 

But isn’t that daunting?!

I think the reason why I have avoided the idea of becoming a journalist all these years, is because all the positive aspects, are also the scariest aspects. I already feel so proud of what I have achieved at university so perhaps once I have completed my dissertation I will feel more self assured that I am capable of this profession.



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